Reedsburg Economic Development

The Reedsburg Economic Development works with banks, consultants, associations, and other area economic development agencies to best match businesses’ needs with Reedsburg’s opportunities.

An Initial Economic Development (Quick Contact Team) is made up of the following: (Click on Name below for Link)

City Mayor
City Administrator
City Community Development/Building Safety/Zoning Administrator
City Public Works Director
Community Development Authority Chairman, Dave Moon
RICDC Committee Chairman, Don Lichte.
Kurt Muchow serves as the Consulting Engineer to the RICDC Committee and the Economic Development team.

Community Development Authority

works on redevelopment of properties for economic development


Industrial & Commercial Development Commission (RICDC)

directs development of Reedsburg's industiral and commercial areas, works with business and industry


This team is also the channel for continuous improvement of the city’s business climate.

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