Building Permits

The Building Inspection Department issues building permits within the City of Reedsburg for all types of building construction. Construction may not begin until the Building Permit or a Early Start Permit has been issued and is properly posted. If a Early Start Permit has been issued, construction may not proceed beyond construction of the footings and foundation until the Building Permit has been issued. You will be responsible for correcting any work completed under the Early Start Permit that may be identified as noncomplying during the plan review.

Plan Submittal Requirements
To obtain a building permit, the following information must be submitted to the Building Inspector:

  • Completed and signed building permit application
  • Completed Wischeck Worksheet
  • Two completed sets of drawings that include:
    1. Site Plan
    2. Foundation Plan
    3. Floor Plans
    4. Elevation Drawings
    5. Wall or Building Section
  • Some of the above items may not be needed depending on the project.

Issuance of Building Permit

After your plans and application have been accepted, the plans will be reviewed for compliance with the code. The code allows the inspector up to 10 working days to review and take action on the plans. Incomplete submittals or additional required information will extend this time.

You will receive a permit card for posting on the site. Within the next two to four weeks, a Conditions of Approval will be sent. The Conditions of Approval is a list of code requirements that applies specifically to your project. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the code sections listed before you begin construction. The Conditions of Approval are intended to be complete as possible. However, if an item is not listed, it is not to be implied that your project is exempt from that requirement.


How to contact Brian Duvalle, Building Inspector:    

Phone: 608-768-3354
Cell:  608-415-0855
Office Hours: Monday through 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Official Website of the City of Reedsburg, Wisconsin