City Maps

Below are links for various City maps created by the Engineering Department. Most of the maps are updated each fall. If you are looking for more current or newly-platted land, you will need to visit City Hall for this information. 
There is a charge for hardcopy maps. All maps below need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or greater for viewing.
If you have a specific map request please contact Steve Zibell at (608) 768-3355 or at
Attached Document or FileAdobe Acrobat Reader Free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader
Attached Document or FileATV Route Map ATV Route Map
Attached Document or FileStreet Map General Street Map (Updated 02-15-16)
Attached Document or FileCity Parks Location of City Parks (Updated 02-15-16)
Attached Document or FileDowntown Public Parking Map City of Reedsburg - Free Downtown Public Parking (Updated 09-20-16)
Attached Document or FileExtraterritorial Zoning Map Zoning for areas surrounding the City limits ( Updated 02-15-16)
Attached Document or FileLand Use Map Current Land Use (Updated 03-13-13)
Attached Document or FileSidewalk Map Sidewalk Replacement Program Map (updated 03-13-13)
Attached Document or FileTrash Pick-Up Schedule Map Click on this Map - For neighborhood scheduled for pick-up. (3/13/2013)
Attached Document or FileVoting District Map Click here to find your voting district. (Updated 02-15-16)
Attached Document or FileZoning Map City of Reedsburg Zoning Map (Updated 02-15-16)
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