Facility Reservations

Shelters in most Reedsburg parks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, the pavilions in Webb Park, Nishan Park and Oak Park as well as the RACA (Reedsburg Area Community Arena) are available for reservations.


Click on the following headings for reservation information.

Ball Fields and Concession Stand

Baseball and softball fields may be reserved as availability allows at Nishan Park and Oak Park. Nishan Park also offers a concession stand that is centrally located between all of the fields.

Park Shelters

Shelters are available for reservation in Webb Park, Nishan Park and Oak Park. Although they are not required, it is necessary to have reservations to guarantee availability on a requested date. Some picnic tables are included with the rental of the pavilions. Additional tables may be rented for $5 each.

RACA (Reedsburg Area Community Arena)

Located in Nishan Park, the RACA building is available for rent from May 1 to September 15. The 200' x 120' building has attached bathrooms and kitchen facilities. A limited number of picnic tables are available with the rental of this building.

Recreation Center

The Reedsburg Recreation Center is located in the basement of City Hall. Every Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day featuring potlucks 4th Wednesday of the month, cards and bingo.

A meeting room is also available for use by local non-profit groups.

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