Code Enforcement (Property Maintenance)

The goal of the City of Reedsburg - Code Enforcement program is primarily focused on maintaining and improving community appearance by working with citizens and property owners to maintain property aesthetics and value. This is attained through the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of minimum building and property maintenance codes.

The Building Inspector oftentimes works with other departments (Police, Fire and Public Works) to aid in enforcement of housing, building, fire, and life safety codes to ensure they are applied and enforced in an effort to maintain minimum life safety standards in the community.

How do I make a complaint or inquire about potential violations?
Please complete the Contact Us/Report a Concern Form for city staff to invetsigate the potential violation or contact Brian Duvalle at 608-768-3354.  

Examples of common code enforcement issues are:

  • Dangerous Structures.
  • Accumulation of litter or debris
  • Used, damaged or discarded lumber, furniture, junk or trash visible from public view
  • Detrimental maintenance of property (including tall grass)
  • Inoperable and/or junk vehicles parked on front, side and rear yards
  • Maintenance of property as to cause a public nuisance
  • Excessive junk and debris accumulation in public view


How can I help?
The best thing you can do is be proactive about the welfare and appearance of your property, street, and general neighborhood.  You can do these things:

  • Keep your property and structures well maintained, clean, and free of trash, debris, weeds, overgrown vegetation, junk, and other code violations. 
  • Park your operable vehicles in designated/established parking areas.
  • Non-operational, "junk", wrecked, vehicles are not allowed to be stored in public view.  Store them in your garage or within a commercial storage yard.
  • Remove your trash and recycle containers from streets and alleys as soon as possible after your pickup. 
  • Improve the general appearance of your neighborhood.  Pick up trash littered on your street!  Help a neighbor maintain their property.
  • Organize a block or alley clean up with your neighbors. 
  • Trim and maintain vegetation in your alley.




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