Reedsburg Municipal Court

Municipal Judge Sandra Cardo-Gorsuch
Municipal Judge Sandra Cardo-Gorsuch

Reedsburg's municipal court allows alleged violators of city ordinances to contest or pay their citations locally and conveniently.

Types of Citations:
The municipal court only handles city ordinance offenses.  Reedsburg's municipal court does not adjudicate citations alleging violations of state statutes--those cases are handled through the Sauk County court.  Examples of citations handled by Reedsburg's municipal court include:

  • Non-criminal traffic citations such as speeding, stop light violations, etc.
  • Ordinance offenses such as alcohol, curfew or city licensing violations
  • Some minor types of disorderly conduct or battery violations

To determine whether your citation is a municipal or state offense, examine the citation.  The appropriate court's name and address are shown on the citation.

If You Received a Municipal Citation:
The citation requires you to do one of three things:

  1. Pay the bond ("fine") amount prior to the court date, or;
  2. Appear in court on the date/time shown on the citation, or;
  3. Enter a plea of "not guilty."  You must either appear in court on your court date or submit a plea in writing prior to your court date.

What Happens on the Court Date on the Citation?
The date on the citation is the initial appearance and is your opportunity to enter a plea to the charge.  You may plead "guilty," "not guilty" or "no contest."  The initial appearance is not the trial date and the judge will not hear circumstances surrounding the case.  If you plead "guilty" or "no contest" the citation will be resolved at the initial appearance.  If you plead "not guilty" the case will be scheduled for a pre-trial conference.

Paying Fines and Restitution:
Fines and restitution can be paid at two locations:

  • City Hall - City Hall accepts cash, money orders, checks or credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, VISA or Discover).
  • Police Department - The Police Department only accepts cash (exact change only), checks or money orders.

Fines may also be paid online via credit card (MasterCard, American Express, VISA or Discover) using the Online Payments link above on this website.

To maintain objectivity, court personnel are independent of the police department.

Judge:  Sandra Cardo Gorsuch
Clerk of Court:  Darleen Wohling
Prosecutor:  Assistant City Attorney Derek Horkan

For More Information:
Clerk of Court Darleen Wohling
Reedsburg Municipal Court
134 South Locust Street
Reedsburg, WI  53959
(608) 768-3348

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