Gateway Specific Plan - The Vision

The City is beginning to review each of its "Gateways" into the Community.

The City Council adopted a comprehensive update in 2012. In the 2017 Budget the creation of specific plan development was presented to the City Council as part of the City Long Term Planning effort.

City Gateways

Gateways mark the major entrances into the city and welcome visitors, shoppers, and citizens to Reedsburg. The gateways provide the opportunity to announce that you are entering a special place. Gateways should have distinctive design features such as signs, graphics, landscaping, and accent lighting that clearly communicate the community's commitment to high quality design and development. Gateway treatments to be pursued at major entrances to the city include:
  • North Gateway
  • South Gateway
  • East Gateway
  • West Gateway

A Gateway Specific Plans  are under development It allows existing businesses to remain, but will serve as a guide for the private market to attract and develop new land uses that will gradually transition the Gateway area into an attractive and desirable transportation and pedestrian-oriented urban setting where people live, work, shop, are entertained and recreate.

North Gateway Entrance

Wide and clean streets. Businesses in general look clean; new construction, acess to regional recreation facility and six blocks form Hospital. Short distance to commercial area. 

Welcome signs are attractive but we were curious as to what the sign says about the community branding ea. the reference to a Municipal Power Community.



South Gateway Entrance

1st Impression Comment: We drove in on Highway 23 from the south, found that the intersection at #23 & #33 was difficult to turn on due to traffic; an option might be to look at a controlled intersection by the Kwik Trip.

The City of Reedsburg is centered along Hwy 23/33 moving east-west through the City. This multi-acre Corridor Specific Plan project will provide a regionally significant piece of information for implementation of the City Comprehensive Plan. (Updated 2012) A small commercial center, access to High School, north and south travelling public, and the potential for almost 100 - 200 new dwelling units east of the future business site is located south of the main east-west highway (Main Street) .

When developed, the Corridor Specific Plan will help improve the local tax base, and provide a long-term revenue source that will ensure the City fiscal stability for years to come.

In addition, the Corridar Specific Plan can accommodates higher density residential (apartments or condominiums), and/or mixed use development.


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East Gateway Entrances

Wide and clean streets. Businesses in general look clean; a few store fronts looked a little run down. Locating signage downtown was a bit hard, somewhat small and hard to catch. Welcome signs are attractive coming into the Community Signs look brand new! Good colors.



West Gateway Entrance

Located two miles before the west entrance to the City is the Ford Dealership. Ford Dealership had plenty of machinery and vehicles on display an option for the dealership might be to mix up the display, or angled the units in various ways it would have kept my interest focused.

The radio station dishes are located just outside of the Community. The Sauk County Health Care Center has new signage which is fresh and welcoming.





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