Strategic Planning

City Council Goals - 2013 Strategic Planning


(3 Votes)


Quality of Life – Public Safety (Police, Fire EMS), Facilities, Roads, Wastewater

The high points in city services were police, fire and the responsiveness of caring for the city’s infrastructure, including streets and the wastewater treatment plant.

Goal 1

(Votes 8)

Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements

The top priorities seemed to reflect an overall priority to improve the quality of life in the community. The No. 1 choice with eight votes was a plan to establish a route through the city that would keep heavy commercial trucks off the side streets, particularly Dewey Street, on the south side of Main Street.

Goal 2

(Votes 6)

Recreation Opportunities

More recreational opportunities and improvements to aging city buildings, each with six votes, tied for second place.

Goal 3

(Votes 5)

Improving Recreational Facilities and increasing shopping opportunities.

It was a tie for third place as well with five voting in favor of improving recreational facilities and five voting for increasing retail shopping opportunities.

Goal 4

(Votes 4)

Maintain a low, competitive, Tax rate

Another priority was maintaining a low, competitive tax rate, an idea that got four votes.

Goal 5

(Votes 3)

Job Market

Boosting the job market received three votes.

Goal 6

(Votes 0)

No Votes

Ten Questions - Need for Update?
1. Why should a municipality develop a strategic plan?
2. What is the real value of a strategic plan to a municipal council?
3. What is the Council’s role in relation to strategic planning?
4. How does strategic planning “fit” with other types of planning?
5. What is a good process for developing a strategic plan?
6. What does a good strategic plan look like?
7. How does a strategic plan get “traction” within the organization of the municipality?
8. How is progress in relation to the strategic plan measured and monitored?
9. What does progress reporting to Council look like?
10. How does Council report on the municipality’s progress to its citizens and other stakeholders?
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