Zoning Regulations

The City of Reedsburg has a Zoning Code, Chapter 17 of the Municipal Code book that controls the use of land and structures. Zoning establishes detailed regulations concerning the areas of lots that may be developed, including setbacks, height of structures, density of development, fences and signs. The Zoning Code is applied within the City and the Extraterritorial Area.
Land Use Changes
All Land use changes within the city limits and the Reedsburg Extraterritorial Area that change the use or the physical area of land need to come before the Plan Commission and Common Council for approval. If the land is located in the Extraterritorial Area, the proposal also needs to be approved by the appropriate Town Board and the Reedsburg Area Development Council. Examples are subdivision plats, certified survey maps, variances, zoning classification changes and conditional use permits.
Contact Brian Duvalle, Zoning Administrator to see if you need to apply for a Land Use Application.
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