Studies and Request for Proposals

Current Planning Studies and RFI, RFP, RFQ:

Space Needs Study

Project Study: In 2017 the City Council approved the initial "Needs Study". An Architecture firm with experience with City Facilities was engaged to begin the initial study. The consultants were tasked with conducting a needs survey, and interviews with City Departments heads. The scope at this time is not to evaluate current/new facilities or costs of redesigned. With these results, and the report will be delivered to the "Public Works Committee" for review in 2018.

Future pieces not funded are: -  360 Architecture review to recommend the space needs and amenities for a facility that would meet the needs of the community. Also  the consultants may be requested to determine the costs of construction, operations, and a method of financing such a facility.

Final Council Action has not been taken on this item. The City Council accepted the 2018 Budget amount with a "Hold" until the first needs review is received.

Highway Corridor Study

Project Study: Highway Corridor - East Side:
While the General Plan sets the Transportation corridors and identifies needs……Without a specific long or short-term plan there will be no desired routes identified to support Commercial and Industrial growth.
· Main Street – Eastern City Limits, Viking Intersection to Dewey Corridor Study - The Scope of this study area has not been finalized yet. This study is anticipated to review any previous studies, discussions and possible southern routes into the Commercial and Industrial areas.
· The purpose of the study will be to study and provide recommended routes with estimated costs.
· Certain routes will be too expensive, and will be ruled out, but must be studied to be excluded.
· Once two or three alternative routes are identified these can be further studied.
· There are no Transportation Impact Fees for the City to depend upon for a new transportation roadway. This leaves the City dependent on the General Obligation, Tax Increment District, Federal/State funding/appropriations, and or transportation grants.
· Part of the study "On Hold" is the “Special Benefit” engineering piece which identifies the “Benefit” each commercial and Industrial property would enjoy from a new transportation roadway. With this information, data and costs the City Administrator can approach the Industries to assist with funding. 

Contact Steve Zibell at (608) 768-3355 or for all active Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposals (RFP), and Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

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